A Bit of Tiger in Your Bottle?

Tiger parts are still used in ‘traditional medicine’ to allegedly treat a wide range of aliments such as epilepsy, skin diseases, pain, and impotence, among many others. Tiger bones are highly valued in those products where they are ground into powder and boiled in soup or soaked in rice wine. This is not only an issue in Asia with thousands of tiger parts and traditional medicines containing tigers being seized in Europe in the last decade.

  • 22,000 €

    Price of a live tiger on the black market

  • 1,700 €

    Price of a kilogram of tiger bones on the black market

  • 85 €

    Price of a litre of tiger wine on the black market

  • 60 €

    for one gram of Tiger Bouillon Cube

The Ruthless Trade

Photo prop ‘abusement’, entertainment & breeding industry


The Tiger Trade in the EU

Legal and illegal trade  - a business for cold-hearted wildlife traffickers


Take a stand

We will only end the illegal trade and cruel treatment of tigers when there is no more legal trade


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